Posted by : AndiSweets September 10, 2013

So apparently, the whole situation involving  KARA on Radio Star, has now turned into this whole sob fest where everyone is apologizing to each other for their behavior (except for Kyuhyun but I will get to that in a minute), so apparently everyone is at fault, and I actually agree. Radio Star is show that I don't personally watch but I'm assuming that it's one of those trash talk, dirty gossip type of shows. 

First of all, let me explain why everyone is in the wrong. Everyone loves to throw relationship rumors and scandals at Goo Hara left and right. So basically, everyone thinks she's a whore and obviously, she's not okay with that. However, she went on a show where the elephant in the room was clearly going to be poked at and butchered until it upset her. This is what puts Kyuhyun and Yoon Jong Shin in the wrong. 

I can understand why someone would be upset with everyone assuming that she's dating every single person she merely smiles at and with someone trying to poke at that sensitive spot so brutally can clearly cause someone like Hara to have that reaction. A lot of people would have reacted that way, actually. 

I will also briefly address the bottle in question. It slid across the table and didn't even touch Kyuhyun. He should be ashamed of himself for getting all riled up about a bottle that just inched its way toward him. Hara clearly has noodle arms because if I were to throw a bottle at Kyuhyun, I would probably send him to the hospital. 

Jiyoung and Seungyeon should obviously apologize because they were being cocky little bitches about every little thing that was brought up about them. 

And finally, there's Kyuhyun. Who wouldn't want to throw a water bottle at him? At this point, with DSP forcing KARA to apologize, then the writer of the show and Yoon Jong Shin apologizing, he should jump on the bandwagon and start apologizing too. That way, everyone can kiss and make up and the whole thing will be swept under the rug.

Or will it? Only time will tell. 

So what do you think of the change in the situation? Is it good or bad? Tell me why in the comments below!

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