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We've all heard about it--the dreadful 'casting couch'. Home to the weak and helpless girls and boys whom, since possess huge dreams of success, trade their supposed innocence to immoral and evil fiends due to them having no other choice and thinking that the couch is their first and last chance of success. The horrible deed often goes unnoticed and unannounced, only known by the two partaking parties and at times, even the agency, while the male or female who have been coerced is shown as unjustly victimized and tainted. Likewise, most victims make it out to be inescapable and so terribly wrong on the aggressor's behalf because their pure and innocent mind was ruined by bad, mean and horny men, however, I can somewhat see through their little stunt and am actually quite curious towards this 'casting couch' business, sometimes wondering if there's an actual victim behind the casting couch deed or if it's just a cry for sympathy and attention.

I've never been offered a 'role on the casting couch' and I'm pretty sure you haven't either... however, the esteemed and respected actor Sayuri has told her experiences when having dealed with offers, shaming the people who accept the casting couch deal and proving the victim is no one other than the gullible sheep who listen and fall for that nonsense:

 "It's because celebrity hopefuls are greedy that sexual favors exist. People say that they do it because they're scared of what will happen if they don't, but I think that fear is just their greed. If you're not greedy about becoming a celebrity, you don't have to do it.In the past, someone asked me out to drink with them on a program. I told them to screw off. I, of course, was take off of the program. If I had been greedy, I would've agreed to drink with him. I just think it's a personal choice."
I mean sure, it's kind of bad that you're being negotiated between sex and fame but isn't it you who signed the contract of prostitution... or am I mistaking you with your evil twin? Taken from netizenbuzz is a former celebrity trainee who too has been 'victim' to the casting couch:
There are actual entertainment agencies who downgraded into becoming brokers to hook up trainees with sponsors."
A broker revealed, "We have the profiles of celebrity trainees, students majoring in the fine arts, miscellaneous works like home shopping stars, as well as trainees under big name agencies. It costs the sponsor $250 for one meet up with a trainee. If the trainee is young or from a bigger agency, the cost rises to the $800 to $1,000 USD range. Sponsors are asked to make appointments the day before and are required to be registered in the client list."
Likewise, as said by the previously mentioned actress, the casting couch is when you want to get to the top quick however, in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with spending a bit of extra time crawling there slowly. It's the "victim's" own greed and impatience for the casting couch to even exist and it's those fiendish men who know it's their own greed and impatience to take advantage of the girls and offer such deals and contracts. So while we can remain 'hush hush' about the deal, there's no reason to slaughter one side when it's actually both sides at fault. I mean, there's so many people who go through the couch and try to make it out as rape yet, I actually want to say that it's more towards the consensual sex and prostitution side, both parties agreeing to the deed being done and both parties knowing before hand the benefits and the consequences.

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  1. breatheliveandworshipraviNovember 25, 2013 at 7:13 PM

    Totally agree, both parties are conscious of what they're doing therefore he/she whom pleads 'tainted' is not to be pitied for they knew what they were getting into. Long story short, both parties should just shut up. Meh.


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