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After failed promises and false tales from YG Entertainment this whole year, they've actually managed to follow through with something--2NE1's comeback songs. And with Falling in Love and Do You Love Me being the two previous songs which seemed to get negative reviews despite them being... not that bad, 2NE1 has released their third and seemingly final song of the year entitled Missing You and changing the sentiments towards their whole year's efforts. As routine, watch the video below if you haven't watched it and be engrossed with this better late than never review since I spent some good ass time on it.

The beginning 'oo~ oo~ ah-ah-ah~ ah-ah-ah' already set the mood for me that this was going to be eery and have a somewhat repentant feel through out, getting me ready for something new from 2NE1 after their year of upbeat releases. I was immediately reminded of It Hurts, rather than the general public's quick comparison to their song, Lonely, mostly because the layout and the overall effects I would say (can't put my finger on the correct word) are more similar to that song, however, all three videos having their own distinctive qualities. Minzy shined immensely with her vocals as usual, her looks noticeably altered but giving her a more feminine and appealing charm therefore, not stirring up negative emotions in me like it normally would, and my plastic Bommy looking definitely better than she did in Falling in Love and more like she did in the past... like I Love You days in this video, making me happy, as well.

Admit it, my face nor my singing were that bad in this video. shut up n00bs.
What I can't get away from though are the colors and symbolism in this piece, the whole thing being perfectly coordinated rather than previous failures. 

That suited man, whoever he is, seems to me not like the most common beliefs of the past boyfriend/lover and instead, seems like the personified form of their feelings (deep shit right hurr). The movements like falling on the ground, sprawling around aimlessly, twisting in pain, looking at Minzy at around 00:27 as if not a real person and instead, a spirit, all represent the feelings of a regular human being when they're missing someone special and shouldn't be ignored.

The nakedness of CL, as YG highlighted, was the embracement of a woman's beauty when bare, and through my interpretation, shows the truth behind feelings which shouldn't be covered up and emphasizes the naturalness of her expression of sadness (i been smokin' couple o' malis to get dis one, guise). Either way, this nude scene really added the extra umph to the music video as this hasn't been done before in a non-raunchy, nonsexual way before in K-Pop (or at least through my knowledge) and I really want to praise whoever thought of adding this because it really convinced me that this was on the top of 2NE1's music videos of this year or even of their whole discography.

Lastly, the repeated theme of falling, floating/flying or going backwards/downwards. Yes, I caught it, kids. I watched this video so many times and saw that about mostly everything that was inanimate (not including the masked man or any of the 2NE1 members walking backwards) was doing at least one of these three actions and while it's small, I can see that it symbolizes regret, wanting to go back in time or straight-up sadness. Things like the snow placed added the cold feel to the already eery and sad video as well as the subtle wind.

I still hate the guy who left me, my heart the burned out coldly is still missing you, missing you, missing you~
Sorry, Teddy, but you have been bad with all of the above this year, but to make it up to you, I have to say, you did a damn good job writing this song and I hope you remember that ballads are the way to go. Also, to whoever is the makeup artist, you did a damn good job with Dara. A damn good job.

Ang ang, mother fuckers.

In the end, damn good song, damn good music video and damn good 2NE1. With this song, they've really raised my overall... feels for 2NE1 this year and I'm pretty sure everyone else's, and I'm more than thankful that the four girls are getting the positive feedback they've been deprived of for... ever.

What do you think of Missing You? Terribly tacky or fucktasticly fucktastic? Comment in the comment section below.

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  1. breatheliveandworshipraviNovember 25, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    It may be the fact that I just don't dig 2ne1, but as well written the lyrics were, I just didn't like the song. I found it bland and missing that spice to make it a 10/10. Idk, maybe I'm just weird, but I guess this song, or maybe just 2ne1 overall, just isn't for me.


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