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Throughout my years of being a fan of K-Pop, I have never encountered a group in which I loved all the members. Whenever I say that aloud towards a group's fanclub in which I would socialize with, I would be condemned almost always, many groups going by the rule that "IF YOU DON'T LOVE THEM ALL, YOU ARE NOT A TRUE [insert fanclub name here". Sure, I bet you can all relate to me, hearing the same thing from numerous people so often, you tend to hide the fact that you actually don't like Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon's face or hey, 2NE1's Minzy is as bland as muffins just to fit in and basically swear on your life that you love every single person of the group when it's most of the time not true.
However, I won't say that it's impossible to not love every member of a group. But in my opinion, it's extremely difficult, me, having a lot of groups which I idolize, for example, B.A.P, but always having that one member that I either straight up don't like or simply tolerate, not liking them or hating them, such as Youngjae or Daehyun.

But that's just me, is it for everyone?
I'm actually really curious.
Is it possible to love every member of a group?

Comment below your answer towards whether it's possible to LOVE every single member of a group. Note that there's a difference between love, like and tolerate and please, leave the stupidity out of the comment section. 

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  1. it is absolutely not possible to do so. we all have our own preferences on people. for kara, i totally love seungyeon and nicole yet i am not a big fan of jiyoung and gyuri for some people. for t-ara, my fav is absolutely jiyeon, and still i feel boram and eunjung are a bit annoying

  2. I think it depends on someone's preference...but in my opinion, it's possible when it comes to the small numbers of can love all of them, it's just that you might find yourself love one particular person more than the rest...

    it's a rare case but it's possible...

  3. breatheliveandworshipraviNovember 27, 2013 at 9:29 AM

    Like everyone aforementioned, it's a matter of personal preference. But for me, it CAN be possible, I mean I honestly do love ALL of VIXX...but then there's also that one member you love more than the rest*cough*ravi*cough*

  4. I'd say that it is possible to LOVE every member of a group, but it is a rare, rare occurrence (unless you are a mindless fangirl).

    I really thought about this, and while I do love a lot of groups, my love is mostly for the group as a whole and maybe one or two members. The remaining members are mostly somewhere between 'like' and 'tolerated'.

    The only group where I genuinely love all of the members is Bigbang, and I think that is mainly due to their extensive solo projects, and a solid track record of delivering high quality music and performances (as a group and solo artists).

  5. It is possible! I've loved all 5 members of DB5K since I discovered them way back in 2008. Perhaps it's related to how good-looking, talented and charismatic each member is, and how they work and play together as a group. Through all the variety shows, MVs, BTS videos and pictures, you really see how each member shines in their own way and how well they work together and get along. It helps that generally each member gets equal screentime, so you really get to know them - versus bigger groups that focus on a few key members. Naturally... You end up falling in love with all of them because they come off as unique individuals - in an awesome group - to you. Though I do still have my bias *Jaejoong* but I do really love them all and care for them a lot :') I think this is a sentiment shared by many long-time Cassies who have been with them before the whole lawsuit saga. DB5K remains the only group where I am genuinely interested in all members though!

  6. 100000% agree with youu!!

  7. Huh, you know what, I never thought about this but I don't think I have a group where I like everyone the same. I don't think it's possible. Sure I love the group, but humans are always going to play favorites imo. The closest to that would be Block B for me. I'd have said Big Bang, but there are times where Seungri really annoys me and not in a good way.


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