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Just over a week ago, 2NE1's Minzy was placed on the chopping block after 2NE1 appeared on KBS 1TV's Open Concert, most people believing and simply knowing that she went under the knife because of her now new-looking and appealing looking nose. Pissing people off as usual, YG Entertainment representatives took the initiative to deny the plastic surgery, using this excuse as if we netizens are a bunch of drunken idiots:

  “Minzy is getting prettier, as she turned twenty this year. She did not get plastic surgery. She simply became prettier; there is nothing more than that.”

Of course, no one bought that, netizens fuming on website comment sections, social network and to their grandmothers through Skype, knowing she got surgery and hoping damn well there would have been an acceptance with her getting surgery however, no one getting the answers they yearned for... until Minzy straightforwardly admitted to her surgery in an interview with Osen news:

In an interview with Osen news, she shared, “There’s a lot of talk about my change in appearance these days. I’m not the type of person who can hide things, so I wanted to come out and tell everyone right away. I had been suffering from rhinitis for a long time, so I always had a hard time while singing and dancing. When I went to the hospital, they told me that because my nose was crooked, I had to get surgery for a perfect recovery.”

Then changing their sides and living up to their name as the biggest trolls in the industry, YG Entertainment finally admitted the obvious, taking Minzy's side and then saying the truth--which  honestly could have been said since day one rather than that stupid bull shit they released before:
YG Entertainment stated, “Minzy had been suffering from rhinitis for a long time. During the surgery for her rhinitis, she also received a surgery to straighten her nose for a complete recovery.” 

Whether the rhinitis is true or not, I don't know. I hear people from every side giving their own stance towards it: some believing the rhinitis and saying the only way to cure it is through surgery (let me add, Minzy admitted to getting two different procedures: one for rhinitis then a different one for cosmetic purposes), others either believing or disbelieving the condition and saying the surgery was not necessary while others even say they had the inflammation before and using that information to either justify or combat Minzy's surgery, but either which way, no one knows shit about what happened and therefore, in my opinion, should just look at Minzy's words for truth, hers, seeming the most plausible to my ears and eyes.

What everyone else is whining their panties off about is how YG denied it at first, most people saying something along the lines of "This is why I hate YG Entertainment" when well, this kind of shit all the time, for example, SM Entertainment still denying the surgery of about 99% of their artists including Girls' Generation, JYP Entertainment denying the surgery of 15&'s Park Jimin even though it was one of the most obvious surgeries I've seen and DSP Media denying Hara's surgery until she finally came clean, and we should just commend Minzy for her own admitting unlike other idols.

Likewise, what I also want to point out is how so many people are saying something along the lines of "obviously she would get surgery since yg calls them uglee all da taim". Sure, YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, was caught on camera shaming CL for her looks but damn, do we know what else happens behind other industries' closed doors? Companies force their own trainees to get plastic surgery while CL still remains natural through her own will... isn't the coercion for surgery holding more weight than the words? How do we know they don't do the same if they tell them to go under the knife? And using that logic, Park Bom has gotten surgeries through her own freewill just like, as mentioned, CL has swayed from surgeries through her own freewill therefore I see no correlation to compare  the four different member's cases since it's obvious that unlike other companies, YG puts the decision to go under the knife in the entertainer's own mind.

Lastly, Minzy and YG Entertainment owes you nothing at this point.
What more do you want?

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  1. the whole thing is ridiculous!! If she had the surgery for a medical problem then they would have just said so from the beginning. Its obvious that she had plastic surgery to adjust her nose to make her look "prettier".
    I'm tired of YG using medical problems as an excuse for plastic surgery. When bom's look changed they also said she got surgery for a medical problem. See a pattern here? Pretty soon the whole group is going to need surgery for a medical problem.
    YG needs to be strait with their fans and just say that she got plastic surgery. There are actually people suffering from illnesses that disfigure them who need plastic surgery so they can live a normal life and the surgery is not only just to make them "Pretty".

  2. That just seems to be the go to excuse for a nose job in kpop. They even said that for Junsu in 2pm way back when. Smh


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