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As I may have or may have not revealed before, the only K-Drama I have completed in my life is Dream High... Season I. I mean, I tried Season II, but I simply just couldn't. It felt more like I was forcing myself to watch the episodes than anything, and being that there were a lot of people who I gave no shit about in the season, I only watched the first episode fully. But because I kind of want to wrap my sentiments into one extremely long post that still maintains relevancy, I'm going to talk about both Dream High I and that one episode of Season II, why I didn't complete the second season and what I hated about the first for all non-DH-watching readers who's curious of one of the most famous international K-Pop dramas and all DH-watching readers to compare their own feelings seeing if they agree or not.

First Thing's First: Dream High the First

Meth is one hell of a drug
It was interesting to watch, the story-line was intriguing and good for us curious fans who want to know something about the idol life, this thing giving a small look into that life. What I didn't like already from the beginning was how Kristen Stewart-like Suzy was, the plain Jane rarely smiling or showing emotion despite her character being set up like that. 
Not only that, Taecyeon was kind of a... he was... I didn't like... This is hard to explain. 
I mean, I'm not saying his acting was extremely subpar--it wasn't. It was average--but what I am saying is that I really feel like they could have substituted him for someone else because he was odd at too many moments. 

And am I the only one who was first mad that IU aka Pilsuk had to lose weight by a certain time and take a crazy ass fuck diet just in order to get Wooyoung to like her? 
I really was hoping that the show would incorporate the theme "true love is skin deep" but instead, they totally fucked it up big time. I was pushing the Milky Couple but after I saw these couple of episodes with IU slaving to lose a ton of pounds in a limited amount of time, I started to dislike Wooyoung's character since his mind was in his penis. 

I just farted. Time to overreact.

And Eunjung overreacted like 99% of the time she was on screen. It wasn't necessarily bad since it made up for Suzy's lack of reaction but really? Could you tone it down please? Just a little?

AND WHY DID SUZY END UP WITH KIM SOO HYUN IN THE END? Everything was pointing for Suzy and Taecyeon but then, at the very very last episode I was so surprised with seeing her kissing Soo Hyun and shit. Like what? Can't that fucker end up with Eunjung or something? Was it necessary for Soo Hyun to get lucky that night? He coulda waited a little bit longer. AND WHY DID THEY SAY WOOYOUNG WAS FROM AMERICA? His English sucked so much ass, I bet Taecyeon who actually speaks it was crying out back.

The only person that I really liked was the director guy, Bae Yong Joon, probably cause his ass was barely in the show to begin with. He was calm, said the right stuff and pissed me off the least. Not to mention, his glasses were awesome. 

Dream High Season I - ★★★☆☆

One Down, One to Go - Dream High Season II

Life without Jiyeon is swell
Before I start, someone tell me who the fuck though it was a good idea to put a group of the vocal powerhouses Hyorin and Ailee then add Jiyeon to the equation? Is that supposed to fit? It was the most awkward set up I have ever seen and frankly, I was confused.
Everyone says the second seasons of shows suck compared to the first, and little did I know, everyone was right. They started Dream High II with the most random kiss scene with Jiyeon, one where she apparently couldn't cry so she overreacted and cried because she couldn't cry which made so much sense, I could've cried. 
"Yeah, I don't wanna pee"
But wait a second, she was in that scene acting and trying to cry. Isn't she in Kirin Arts to be an idol? Now why is she there to be an actress, too? Does Kirin even teach actresses? Why am I asking rhetorical questions? Is it cause this show sucks? What am I having for lunch?
This show truly makes you question its story-line often, and also makes your mind go off into space due to boredom, it not being worth your time.

Lastly, if you're looking for a drama, take Dream High I and not Dream High II, me, actually watching the full thing of Dream High I and my biggest concern the ending. DHII is as relevant as Mean Girls II and shouldn't even be looked at, secondhand embarrassment the only thing guaranteed from it.

Dream High Season II - ★☆☆

If you want to watch it, it's best to go to Dailymotion to avoid random copyrights on Youtube and if you like my rant about dramas, recommend me one on the comment section below and I'll review it as soon as possible. Looking for dramas? Click this. Satisfaction gauranteed.

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  1. yeah... dream high 2 for me is just a propaganda to make idols as better than anyone else. you will know what i meant if you actually watch the whole stuff. and to top it all, the ending is soo stupid, and at the same time just copying everything from dream high 1. the only reason i endured watching it because i like jiyeon, and i can see that almost all production like jiyeon as well, seeing how her character is the MAIN focus and the ONLY character that has a better character development and do ended up with a good ending of her own...

  2. dream high 1 was solid throughout while dream high 2 sucked at the beginning picked up in the middle then dropped so low near the end that it created a black hole that completely destroyed the ending of the whole show!


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