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Well, well, well. I always knew Crayon Pop was no good. Plagiarizing concepts, being ilbe bugs, climbing their way to the top with Bar, Bar, Bar which is just alien code for 666... and now, one of the members pushing Girls' Generation's Sunny in the back? How monstrous!...if it actually did happen. Apparently, Crayon Pop is swept into yet another scandal, this time, with their sunbaes Girls' Generation in which one of the members, Way, was accused of pushing Sunny in the back then posing for the camera like the devilish little fiend she is... or at least what people who are almost legally blind think that she is just because of unfortunate timing.
Don't believe me? Watch the video clip that the director should be taken some blame for since the quality obviously sucks for yourself, where clearly Tiffany pulls Sunny a little bit closer since she's blocking the Crayon Pop girls (hence why both Sunny and Tiffany move up), Yoona looks back at around 0:08 in a direction that looks like it's towards Way as a result of the push, but if you have logical thinking, would obviously know that Yoona would have to back up a little bit more in order to see Way clearly and was probably just looking in that direction as a result of the Tiffany-Sunny pull, the pushee, Sunny doesn't even flinch or look back at the pusher and Way moves her hand up to her face which were previously down because obviously, if you want to make aegyo-filled peace signs by your face you have to first move your hands up towards your face.

Found this comment on the Youtube video:

ernie syazana
6 hours ago
Clown and goddess .Pshh. crayon pop even if you dont push .you have no rights to stand near our girls

Chrome Entertainment has already spoke up about it however, of course, an entertainment company is always going to defend their money maker in the midst of conflict therefore, I feel like since Sunny now is connected to fans through social networking, she, or SM Entertainment, should clear up it up as soon as possible in order to get this behind netizens.

What's your take on the scandal? Did Crayon Pop's Way push the fuck out of Sunny or was Way just at the wrong place at the wrong time and is innocent?

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  1. SNSD fans must be bored, its obvious that way didn't even push her. Feel bad for crayon pop though they have had a ton of bad press thrown their way for no real reason all last year and then this crap happens.

  2. Just what I was thinking--I feel like even with the other pieces of "evidence" that Way pushed Sunny (which are actually fake), at least Sunny would have flinched or turned backwards to check who just pushed her, you know?
    Exactly, Crayon Pop has been in a lot of shit for no real reason. They're just 5 girls who got lucky with Bar, Bar, Bar and rose to national fame. There's no need for a shit storm.

  3. It's really funny that when some SONE talked so highly about their bias, they were still insecure of Crayon Pop, and their sudden fame. Let's admit it, they won't hate Crayon Pop that much if CP was a totally nugu group with almost non-existed fandom. They will laugh at it and ignore it whatsoever. The hatred, which will keep going, is sign of their own insecurity and perhaps jealously.


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