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If I asked you right now to name all of the members of Nine Muses, which line up would you pick? Their original nine, consisting of Jaekyung, Rana, Bini, Sera, Sem, Eunji, Hyemi and Erin and Minha? Their most known nine which rocked during their songs of Dolls, Wild, Prima Donna and Glue consisting of the same, Sem, Sera, Eunji, Erin, Hyemi, Minha, HyunA, Kyungri and Sunga? or their forever-changing, not actually nine going with the name but either eight or seven or two or fifty or a thousand member count consisting of random people who no now the fanbase has to get used to once again?
I'm obviously not a hardcore fan of Nine Muses, but I got to admit--after Dolls, I have been paying attention to them, and now that Lee Sem (not really my favorite member but eh, she'll do for this argument) and Eunji (my baeee~) were officially announced to be leaving the currently establishing group of Nine Muses at the height of their popularity, the news really isn't doing so well for me... and calls for an article calling out the group and the holding company, Star Empire Entertainment.

Eunji I will deeply miss you and your swag. Keep in touch <3

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to tell anyone to be an idol especially after watching the Nine Muses documentary (video will be posted at the bottom) and if the numerous girls who left sporadically have the reason to leave which is what I think, the CEO is a crazy hooligan and they're put into harsh labor, then I will give them the benefit of the doubt. However, the name Nine Muses kind of implies that the group will be, of course, nine girls who were inspired from the same muses from Greek mythology who were known to be intelligent and good at the arts of music and dance and if has deeply pissed me off that half the time Nine Muses has even existed as a group, they never even maintained that nine.

The thing about it is that it kind of prohibits people from staying in the fan base, people who like the group and maybe having a member like Jaekyung, the first off the boat, as a bias will quickly withdraw from liking the group or at least choose a different bias. But that's not one time, that's a continuous happening, not one, not two, but literally nine (the number of girls in Nine Muses, hey!) members have either withdrew, not been in the group for the full duration or took a short hiatus from the group while literally only three members, Sera, Minha and Hyemi gained enough street cred to be called veterans of the three year group (Sera is the most valuable of the cred, though, sorry other two). 

Of course, again, not forcing anyone to be an idol and be treated like shit as demonstrated on the documentary, but with the... unreliability of the number count and literally only three girls being around so long, the other two girls who have been around for about the same duration as the two now leaving halfway through the height, it just leaves a relative instability in the fan base like you never know what's going to happen next being that Nine Muses changes almost as often as I eat (and I eat a lot, I'm telling you). With that being said, it hurts the growth of the group and somewhat makes it harder to establish their fan base and have popularity with members who were liked a lot (I liked Eunji a lot, to be honest. Lucky Sera's still left...) and even, liked at all leave is just not good. In fact, you never see any of the top groups like Girls' Generation, 2NE1 and Big Bang leave randomly or have member changes where you have to deal with the addition of a new and random person because it's simply more harmful than it is helpful (I know a lot of people are thinking TVXQ/JYJ. I know a lot of die-hard TV5Q fans who like both groups. There was no member change... it's just two different groups however, all five are still in the limelight) and I really wish Star Empire Entertainment would realize that before they drive their only pushing group into the ditch of irrelevancy.

See how perfect it is as nine? Why is there a constant change in members?!

Finally, I enjoy Nine Muses, but the constant member change isn't really good for anyone. Sure, doing it once is fine, but Nine Muses has been through this member withdrawal/hiatus/addition since debut and only three members out of the twelve members who have participated in the group before stayed for the whole duration. It could be fascinating for fanboys--a great new butt to look at--however, for the rest of the population, Nine Muses undoubtedly would be a stronger group and possibly more popular if they just remained... well, stable.

Write if you think of the member change for Nine Muses was it a good thing, a bad thing or a tiring thing in the comment section below.

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  1. Its to late now sera is gone too! ;w; nines muses it pretty going down hill fast and now some noob is gonna replace her for the fall comeback NO ONE CAN REPLACE SERA! :C they should just change the name to 7 muse cause finding 2 more to join would be stupid
    And i highly agree they weren't nine for most of there career which is sad... i feel bad for sungah and kyungri for joining this mess


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