Posted by : KPopRanter February 15, 2014
Used to be cutey patooty group, STELLAR, with their UFO song that came out around last year(?) that got a bit of fame in the international crowd, STELLAR is now going down the same route of about 99% of other girl groups nowadays and released a comeback just a while ago entitled 'Marionette'. As if we weren't already tired of these damn girls spreading open their legs and pleading oppar to spare them this time and at least lubricate a little before going in their ass hole, STELLAR took the sexy concept way too far as judged my netizens and more importantly, as judged by me, and dressed in ugly as fuck leotard thingies in hopes to get more views and more people talking about them.

Oh they got it, alright. Everyone now is aware of STELLAR's existence in the entertainment industry. And while most are asking for a ban, others who are still against the concept are taking pity on the group since well, it ain't actually that bad.
Tiffany is actually going against the typical feminist route? Oh shet!

Yes, I said it.
It ain't that bad and you people should quit it. I mean, sure. I don't have a taste in girls boob-groping, ass-flopping, squit-squating (I needed more words) in videos, but I mean, they're just idols and...

to be honest, the attention their getting is what their sexy concept was aiming for regardless of if it's infamy or fascination. These girls are put in a team and can't really...reject the ideas of a company as a group considered... subpar and... not top tier therefore, realistically, unnir didn't actually mean it. Company's CEO did. Therefore, instead of getting a bad rap targetting the girls individually, the blame should be put more on the organizers of the concept... which is in the end, giving them more views, attention and actually making people know their name (i.e. a fucking good thing, you twats).

To sum, STELLAR may not be that stellar but they're at least getting popular which is what every unknown idol really wants.

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  1. Agree with you. Even though I don't care much for the excess exposure, I do feel bad for them and they really don't have any say so. I hope STELLAR stays strong from all this hate.

  2. I even feel like some of this hate is kind of childish. I mean, yes, there's a bunch of ass jigglin' and wigglin' on the video and on the live performances but you don't have to treat them like they
    1: aren't aware of it
    2: have much say as rookies?

    In fact, on a nb article, there was a k-netizen saying how one of the girls of STELLAR could have said 'no' to the concept or something of that nature? Are they unaware that this is a job...? that this is a group effort and one person not agreeing to something can affect the whole group. It's kind of stupid, if you ask me.


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