Posted by : KPopRanter February 22, 2014

It's one thing to have YG Entertainment postpone the shit out of things.
It's another thing to have SM Entertainment postpone the shit out of things.
But it sure as hell is yet another thing to have both companies do it simultaneously to show their competition.

And that's what both of the largest companies are doing with their most popular girl groups yet. Girls' Generation and 2NE1 are both said to be having a comeback... however, we will never know when since the second the companies released they were coming back, they've been postponing the shit out of each other, wondering who will finally just give up and release their comeback first for the sake of the fans who are shitting themselves, waiting for a new release.

I' m actually kind of excited about this since it might not be an all-dance video judging by the teaser?

As everyone should know, Girls' Generation and 2NE1 have been said 'rivals' since however long we can even remember. Coming from two rivaling companies, both of the groups having two completely opposite 'feels', both of their fans fighting through the interwebs ever since SONEs got tired of fighting Wonderfuls, ELFs, Cassies... yeah, everyone, for years, Girls' Generation and 2NE1 sure have a lot on their backs now and it seems like, as I remember my High School AP English teacher told me after we just got got finished reading Antony's Oration (for those who don't know, you're probably too young to have read Julius Caesar), if you want to win if a fight, it's better to show your side last and speak last since you'll have the longer lasting impression on the audience since everyone will forget what the hell the first one was saying... which is probably the same advice both companies are going by.

In any means, just like a few years ago with Girls' Generation and 2NE1 had the same "head-to-head" competition aka with Tell Me Your Wish and I Don't Care (wasn't really head-to-head, 2NE1 released their song shortly after Girls' Generation did), I feel as if SM Entertainment is now striking back for the extra two dollars they probably didn't make back then with delaying the shit out of Girls' Generation's comeback with every delay of 2NE1's song until YG finally drops the act and gives up then both of them literally do comeback head-to-head and on the same day, to show who the real winner is... and to show YG Entertainment that SM Entertainment is sure not going to break that fast when there's a clear challenge.

Finally, there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. This seriously just seems like a marketting strategy that both companies have picked up on, YG Entertainment even publicizing on their Twitter how it's going to be a head-to-head compeititon with Girls' Generation and acknowledging that both sets of fans are going to be at the edge of their seats, ready to buy the shit out of the albums, the digital songs and of course, attend live performances in which both groups would be performing to see which fandom can out-cheer the other. Either way, to be honest, I don't really care that much as others are, seeing how people are going on and on, posting article after article on just the littlest update ("omo omo! SNSD is postponing again?! omoooooo~") on the rivalry, I just think we're wasting our time. In a few days-weeks, they're going to stop postponing and finally settle on a comeback date, then, right after that, the videos and the songs are going to come out just as we waited for. Because let's be honest, this can't go on forever... right?

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  1. it got so ridiculous when yg postponed 2ne1's comeback so it can be closer to CL's birthday.
    both should just release the music already

  2. My friend said that SM might secretly release their music video the same day or time as YG....This is gonna be good!

  3. They are out and I think "Come Back Home" is probably the best so far this year!


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