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After releasing a chart-topping album with the rest of the 2NE1 girls, the charismatic and bombastic leader of one of the top girl groups, CL, has found herself under some pretty boiling waters, if you ask me. Netizens from all over the globe are angrily spewing comments of hatred as if anyone that famous'll read after taking a nice and relaxing dip in all their dough.

CL's solo track, MTBD, which was found in their Crush album and realistically wasn't as bad as The Baddest Female, apparently sparks up some religious controversy (apparent use or mockery to the Qur'an) to listeners which causes them to spit fiery rage all over the Interweb. If you haven't listened to the track and played the little Where's Waldo game to find out where the reference to religion was, you can check it out below.

Now, now. I'm not Muslim. But I listened to the full track. Don't get me wrong, but I didn't hear shit until everyone started hollering and hooting about it and even then, it still took me a while till I actually found out what was happening. The apparent 'reference' to the Muslim's Holy Book seems to me to be something fangirls have delusions over after oppar shoving his hairy cock down their throats. Believe me, I will bet all my jelly beans that that sound (legit! it was a sound. it wasn't a word, a phrase, a sentence... it was mother fucking background music, for fuck's sake) was not meant for mockery, mimicry or mean-y business since I'm pretty sure not even producers made note of the sound. This... outburst is ridiculous. Wishing for the girl to go to hell, angrily raging hateful comments online... death threats just because of something CL didn't even do... aren't some people taking this too far? I'm not saying that this doesn't deserve an apology from YG Entertainment. In fact, I feel like YG Entertainment's best bet to shut some people up would be apologizing and saying that it wasn't meant intentionally. However, I mean, even if it was a fucking word, do you really think she, CL, actually would want to call out a group of people like that who she knows would give her a shit load of hate?

Would she? 
My legitimate answer is no especially being that 2NE1 is one of the only groups around who haven't even been hounded by netizens for racism, therefore, culture and holy books would probably be even more rare for them to bring up intentionally.

So why are you calling her out for this simple... happening (wouldn't label it as "mistake", to be honest)?

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