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Discussed previously in a past article, ex-T-ara member, Ahreum, is now facing the heat about her being mentally insane again, now, posting about demonic rituals like using an Ouija board, seeing an aunt's dead son and numerous other ghostly/spiritual things, the translation from allkpop down below:

"I'm the personification of the 'lord's sun', Lee Ahreum. I've known what ghosts were since junior high school. I've even used the bunshinsaba spell (like a Ouija board) to raise a friend from the dead. I'm revealing the truth about the rumors of spirit possession that have floated around me. The son my aunt couldn't have came to me briefly. The end. When we die, we'll become ghosts too. Ghosts are a precious superstition!"
"Why are you afraid of yourself when we'll become ghosts when we die! Life is so funny. When you figure it out, today leaves and tomorrow will come, and we still wouldn't have enough time even if we spent it laughing and all holding hands! If I'm not going to be depressed or cool, then I'm dead right now! Though I'm a person too who can't die and I've had my own share of pain, at 20 I'm at the rosy age where I should be smiling brightly. I think I've grabbed onto optimism and happiness quickly."

To her defense, though honestly, the post above is proof enough that she's crazy, Ahreum's mother revealed this in an interview:

"Ahreum is living her daily life practicing as usual, listening to music, and cooking. Even right now, she's fine relaxing at home."
As for the posts, her mother commented, "I've seen the photos and messages, and I don't believe it's an illness. She's always had part of her with a peculiar way of thinking since she was young. Her health is fine... I understand very well what is causing worry. It'd be good if she didn't post messages. I plan to take whatever measures are necessary. However, in day to day life, it has nothing to do with an illness."
...maybe mental illness runs in the family?

At this point, it's not even funny anymore-- it's actually getting to level which it is serious in my honest opinion. Ahreum clearly isn't mentally stable enough to be "on the loose" and her mother is too busy thinking about selfish matters like how her friends and the society will view the family if Ahreum does actually turn out to be what we think she is, schizophrenic rather than the treatment that her daughter does need. Although I'm not close enough with Ahreum to truly know for sure if what the mother is saying is true or not, from what I see, she's clearly just sweeping the issue under the rug like it's nothing, acting as if she believes that her daughter talking about seeing a dead nephew, raising people from the dead and using Ouija boards are the norm. Sure you pacifists, you're probably going to shit your pants claiming that "it's none of our business" but the wellness of any human being should be our business.

What's your take on this issue between Ahreum and her mother versus the world?

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  1. I don't think anything's wrong with her, she is probably just trying to create buzz for whatever is next in her career.

  2. breatheliveandworshipraviDecember 3, 2013 at 12:14 PM

    My honest opinion, is the following: I don't think there's anything wrong with her. I haven't been following this whole situation closely so I'm not sure and please correct me if I'm wrong, but like her mother said, I feel like she just has a peculiar way of thinking. Because we find it "weird" or "creepy" should not dictate that she has an 'illness'. As long as she's not going around causing harm to others, or herself I see nothing wrong with her curiosity and beliefs.


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