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Deck the halls wit--Oh, too soon? 
The definitely unhealthier holiday that's coming up soon and is the topic of this post, you may ask? Thanksgiving (well, in Amurrica). And since I'm, as well as Andi and Jeana of the K-Pop Ranter staff, in the mood for turkey, mash potatoes, everything that's not greens and of course, giving thanks, we're going to fill you in on the moments of 2013 that we thank for happening cause well, this year would've been boring without it. And then after, you can comment below the things you're thankful for.

Tiffany: So, I'm just going to start right now with a very special thanks. My means of writing on this blog have been taken away from me through what seems like  thievery (that's a different story, tl;dr) so I just want to thank Andi for doing everything that I couldn't. I have been writing all the posts that have the author of K-Pop Ranter however, Andi had to go through hell of having to transfer it from either her phone or the e-mail where it's formatted weirdly to just putting it on the blog for you greedy readers to enjoy. If I could, I would give her my spleen in place of her turkey dinner. I would give her my nipples to quench her thirst during this cold season. I would love her like a virgin teenager loves the thought dick. Thank you, Andi. So. Much.

Okay, now for the things I'm thankful for in K-Pop:
Well, I was watching Miley: The Movement (oh, shnaps, I'm thuggin' tonite) on MTV just yesterday and I saw the best thing ever. A commercial with Taeyang, his new song Ringa Linga and it advertising his solo concert in San Francisco. Although most of you guys are probably like no1currr, this is a huge accomplishment. First off, making a commercial centered around you as an individual human being is hard as fuck as a simple American artist. As a KPop artist in America? Close to impossible. Plus, they recognized him as a person by saying his name and genre which is different than 2NE1's Adidas commercial on MTV. It was... revolutionary. Extraordinary. Mindfuckary.

Another thing I was grateful for is the Ailee versus Allkpop bunch. I'm not going to lie, I still visit Allkpop and won't stop until I get a proven better choice of K-Pop entertainment news. But I don't like the people behind Allkpop. They seem like a bunch of childish idiots who think they're invisible since they got away with something once and built a name for themselves. And when they gave away Ailee's nudes thinking that they were on top of the world with their heads and noses up high and shit, I lost the little respect for them that I had left. I'm happy they're losing a ton of their fans and I'm even more happy they're probably gonna get so sued, their asses are gonna fall off.

Jeana: I reflected really long on what I was thankful for, and rather than  events that happened, I find that it is the people (in kpop and k-variety) that I am thankful for.

In k-variety, it's Running Man. I am thankful to the cast for continuing to film Running Man cheerfully even into its 4th year, because Running Man episodes are what I can look forward to every weekly consistently throughout the year. There were definitely those episodes that didn't work that well for me, but sometimes it's not so much what the show can offer but the little unexpected interactions of care and concern that the cast displays onset that really warms my heart.

In kpop, it's SNSD (mainly Taeyeon), SHINee and EXO. Thanks for working hard throughout the year to deliver quality music to us fans. Thanks to Taeyeon for always singing so beautifully and touching the hearts of the masses with your angelic voice.

Last but not least, I'm thankful for the people that have inspired me, namely WINNER, Team B and Ailee (as with Tiffany). I'm very touched by their strength in times of adversity, and I'm thankful that though they buckled at times, they ultimately never succumbed to the pressure and are now stronger than before, sharpened by their challenges.

Andi: This year in Kpop was quite a doozy in terms of the musical end of the spectrum with the new trend of experimental songs that ended up making listeners' ears bleed. This is why I'm giving thanks to those groups that didn't quite suck the life out of me when listening to their songs on repeat for the purpose of a review. My memory is pretty terrible when it comes to remembering what I wrote in the past but I do recall Brown Eyed Girls, Block B, f(x), G Dragon, and a few others being the subject matter of my good reviews.

I'd also like to give thanks to rookie groups that restore my hope in the future of Kpop such as Ladies' Code and Bangtan Boys. Just their existence makes me happy and I am looking forward to what they'll do in 2014. 

We should also give thanks to all the drama and shenanigans of 2013 because it gives us material to work with when writing new posts. Without the fuck ups of Kpop, the staff at Kpop Ranter would have almost nothing to write about. 

On a side note, I'd like to thank Tiffany for being such an amazing person and wonderful owner of this site. Because of you, I keep getting to try out new things when writing and I get excellent practice nearly everyday. I love writing for you and working as your personal slave (well maybe not that extreme). You're the best.

Tiffany: I know I'm the best. ;)

Anyway, guys, instead of being antisocial during the second greatest holiday of the year (Christmas is first), comment below what you're thankful for and stay tuned for day 5 of K-Pop Ranter's Giving Thanks Week.

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  1. I'm thankful for all of kpop in general because I'm one of the few kpop fans that actually support and respect every group to some extent. Yes I even respect EXO even though their fans are unbearable.
    I'm also thankful for running man cause I watch that show religiously. Lol
    thankful for site like this one and Seoul beats, soopi, and many others (accept allkpop) for helping me converse and be informed about kpop.
    Last and not least I'm thankful for my favorite girl group Sistar for being awesome and consistently releasing good music.


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