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In this day in age, we never know how good something is until it's gone. Whether it's having a cell phone, a new hat, Internet or... the MAMA Awards, we always take advantage of it, thinking that it's forever there but never realize the importance of it until it's gone. To cut into what I was saying, to remind everyone for five days, K-Pop Ranter is releasing an article each day giving thanks to just some part of K-Pop. It's day three out of the five and yesterday, Tiffany made the perfect Thanksgiving menu featuring K-Pop idols which you can check out here along with the first day's one which celebrates Nation's Taylor Swifts. Wondering what today is? It's the day to give thanks to the MAMA Awards of 2013.

The prestigious and highly anticipated Mnet Asian Music Awards took place in Hong Kong on November 22. The list of winners are out, and as we all know it, GD was the biggest winner of the night, snagging 4 awards in total. I personally found some of the winners quite unexpected (such as the winners of Best Male Group and Best Dance Performance - Male Solo to list a few), but they were on a whole all deserving of their wins in one way or another. Today, I would like to go beyond the actual awards that the show offers to recognise some of the stars of the night that shone in ways much brighter, and in doing so, hope to relive MAMA 2013 - the night of glory, honour, happiness and tears. 

Most Hilarious Reactions - GD, Seungri, T.O.P.,Sehun of EXO, CL
Troublemaker shared an onstage kiss, and this came the reactions of shocked T.O.P. and GD. T.O.P. was more subtle in his reaction with an *open eyes wide* but GD was all *gosh oh no oh no*. 
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Then, Hyuna acted out a scene with Hoya of Infinite, and Seungri was all *kyaaaaa!!!* I totally feel him though, because I had almost the same reaction when I was watching the scene too. And I personally thought that I was overreacting but then the camera scene changed to this face of his and I saw his expression and realised that yes we are in the same boat. 
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Our dearest maknae Sehun must have had a shock too, looking at him cover his eyes like that with his members all looking at him like *awww look our kid is too young for all this*.
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CL also had a funny reaction. When it was TOP's Doom Dada performance, she was there jamming out to the song, but the song abruptly stopped and she had an awkward expression on her face with that *oops* look before stopping as well. 

Cutest Moment on Stage - Chen and Luhan of EXO
During EXO's performance, Chen and Luhan share an intimate moment on stage.
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Cutest Jamming - Baekhyun of EXO
Just here bobbing about to the music, smiles.
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Most Classy - Ailee, Jihyo

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Showing skin has been the trend for female stars, but sometimes I find it much classier and sexier when they cover themselves more while oozing as much, if not more, confidence and charisma. Of all the stars that night, Ailee and Jihyo did this best. Above is Ailee who donned long white pants beyond the conventional skirts / dresses, a black top, and a black belt. She really looked stunning. Here is a gif that captured her beautiful smile. Jihyo too (below) pulled off her plain black dress very well, as well as the other white dress that she changed into during the awards show. They both didn't reveal much skin, yet they were still very sexy, in a classy way. And I thought that both of them were really beautiful. On another note, don't you think that the Spartace couple really shine together? They're the Best-looking Pair of the night for me. Check out an edited picture of them here.
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Most Chic - Lee Hyori
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Lee Hyori was the most chic of the night with her full body skirt and top of matching prints, coupled with a black beanie, golden bangle on her wrist and a revealed midriff. She was elegantly and stylishly fashionable in her unconventional choice of clothing, and she really shone as well. 

Most Charming Smile - Eunji (A Pink)
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Eunji wins most charming smile because whenever the camera focuses on A Pink, I usually spot her in the background smiling so happily with her face glowing. She is averagely pretty, but she is one that really looks much prettier when she smiles. Above is a fan-taken picture, and even so, she really radiates happiness and charm with that bright smile of hers.  

Most Well-mannered - GD

I was very touched by GD because as much of a global star he is, he is still down-to-earth and polite to all the fellow idols in attendance, though they were mostly his hoobaes (juniors). He won the most number of awards that night, yet he never failed to do a 90 degree bow to the idols seated there before going to collect the trophy. It was unexpected, yet deeply moving for me. Here is one of the videos where GD won. 

Best Dance Remix - EXO
EXO performed a remix of both Growl and Wolf, showcasing some never-before-seen dance choreography and winning this hands down. They acted out some drama with Kai and Luhan as the main actors, and the whole performance kept up with the dispute between the 2 of them. It was on a whole very innovate, starting with EXO dancing at their stacked up desks, and then keeping up with the 6-6 concept. The only downside was that their stage presence was somewhat lacking, even more so because there's so many of them to fill the stage, yet the stage did feel a little too empty at times. 

Some other awards that EXO wins on my list include Most Amusing Actual Stage. On film, the stage really looks impressive, with the camera swinging all over the place and members occasionally stepping up to keep up with the drama acting. But what is actually happening on stage? Credits to member Tiffany for sharing with me this!

EXO also wins the award for Most Open In Expressing Their Emotions because they clearly showed how nervous they were and how much they wanted to win the Album of the Year award, which was the last award given out for the night and also the award which the MC took a really long time to announce the winner. I hope it's not my own illusion but I'm quite sure that they looked disappointed for not winning Best Male Group. I guess they must have been quite determined to not leave MAMA empty-handed.

Nonetheless, it was quite a feat for them to win Album of the Year considering that they're just into their second year as an idol group, so I deeply congratulate them for that (their album is really deserving by the way there's so many great tracks). Here's a rather heartwarming picture of their members embracing each other on stage (without cutie D.O. who unfortunately suffered an ankle injury and was rushed to a hospital).
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Most Freestyle - Big Bang
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Kpop groups usually heavily coordinate their attire and greetings on the red carpet, but we all know Big Bang to be one of the exceptional groups where members all dress uniquely, and then out of their individuality arises something united. Not just with attire, but also their behaviour. Taeyang must have been a really close friend of Danny because he jumped onto Danny's back and was piggybacked by him at the red carpet interviews (see below, Taeyang looks so happy that it's cute), hence the reason why he is standing apart from his members afterwards (above). It might seem unorderly, but we all know this to be our beloved Big Bang.
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Big Bang also truly wins the Own The Night award for their brilliant performance. Firstly, how rare is it that in a kpop group, 80% of the members can do individual performances and pull off every single one? To me, this fact on its own is already very impressive. I would say that T.O.P. had the Best Control Of The Stage, GD was Best At Making The Audience Come Alive while Seungri's and Taeyang's performances were both good, but I've seen a better side of them before. With the audience all hyped up after GD's solo, the 5 of then took the atmosphere one notch higher together as a group with Fantastic Baby, which once again showcased how they really are very freestyle, but more importantly how they undoubtedly still reign as the kings in kpop.  

Most Different Concept - A Pink
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A Pink has always released cute girlish songs, so it was a nice change to see them all donning classy black colour with gold coloured embellishments.

Most Breathtaking Vocals - Hyorin
Hyorin had a solo at the start of her collaboration performance with Stevie Wonder and --, and with minimal backgroud instrumentals, her husky vocals could really reverberate throughout the concert hall. It was really beautiful.

Best Vocal Performance - 2NE1
Though 2NE1 suffered quite a bit with the audio system, they still win this because their flaws weren't too glaring and upon closing one eye to them, their performance was generally quite well done. 

Kids Are Still Kids - EXO
There was some feather party at the end of the awards show, and kids are still kids. Here's EXO featuring Sehun having so much fun with those feathers.
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