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Swiggity Swag the cat's out the bag. Swiggity Swingle, why am I single? Swiggity Swooty, it's Gurl, You is Lookin' Yeppeo's Eunmi. Don't know what Gurl, You is Lookin' Yeppeo is? It is most definitely the most awesome K-Pop fanpage on the face of the earth and everyone should like it by clicking right here. I have basically lived on this page for the past few months if not a full year so please, go check the page out since I'm sure if you're on this site, you have nothing better to do anyways.
Nevertheless, the road for international K-Pop fans is tough. Being banned from entering things like official fanclubs and concerts, not speaking the language and well, basically not having the same representation as others who are native. And especially after the scandal with G-Dragon and his blackface that happened way back when, I think it's more than necessary to highlight probably the most unrepresented point of view in the K-Pop fandom, the African-American point of view, from my favorite author on Gurl, You is Lookin' Yeppeo (Khun's my second favorite, sorry if the others are reading this but not sorry), Eunmi, a black American who of course, loves K-Pop.

1. First of all, who are you?
Hi, guys. I'm Eunmi from the K-Pop Facebook page, Gurl You Is Lookin' Yeppeo! 

2.Who's your ultimate bias (if it's BYG, we're gonna fight right now)?
Ah, it's really hard to choose right now because it is between Xuimin of EXO-M and Bang Yongguk of B.A.P, they're both sooooo dreamy. /ugly sobs

3. Do you feel under-represented/unrepresented in the K-Pop Fandom? 
A few years ago, i would've said yes, but now all you see is collaborations with African American artist like Missy Elliot, Pharrell, Snoop Dogg ect working with korean idols.It's great to see that.

4. How do you feel of blackface in general? G-Dragon's Blackface incident & responses? 
I don't really care much for the black face topic, in all honesty, but I think that most people have to keep in mind that Korea is not a diverse country so some things may come off offensive unintentionally... but they should still keep in mine that they DO HAVE INTERNATIONAL FANS OF ALL RACES AND COLORS so the term "because they don't know any better" wouldn't really fit the situation.

5. When idols say [insert idol who's whiter than chalk] is dark what do you think of this? 
I think of Kai just because people whine about it alot.

6. How do people react when they find out you listen to K-Pop? 
They usually look at me like I'm crazy! And they say things like "why do you listen to ching chong music" or "they all look like fa***ts!".  Most of them don't realize that you don't have to speak the music to love it.

7. How'd you feel when Lee Michelle had the chance to sign with YG? 
I don't know much about her but I'm happy she signed with YG and got the chance to have a great experience to work with great people.
8. What attracts you to K-Pop? 
The music....and the extremely handsome men who run around half naked.(lol) 

9. How do you feel about K-Pop now like how it's going? 
Right now, I like where the Kpop industry is going right now, it's becoming known world-wide and more diverse. 

10. I  know so many places don't allow international fan participation however, they want our money... is that even well, fair? 
I don't think it's fair at all, it's practically being prejudice. International fans share the same love for idols k-fans do. I mean, yeah,  sometimes we do act a little crazy, (they do too) but that doesn't mean we're all like that.

11. What's your favorite company?

12. What do you do exactly at Girl, you is Lookin' Yeppeo? 
I don't even know anymore, i post updates on K-Pop/personal K-Pop related stuff when i can. ;-;

13. Is Girl, you is Lookin' Yeppeo like... to you at this point being that they're getting more & more popular, a business now or still a personal page... you could probably make money from it
NAH BRUH.i don't see or plan on making a business out of it, it's just for fun and making friends.k

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