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Dear Diary,

I wanted to shake it up a bit, rather than making a lengthy, hard to follow and simply full of words that really aren't needed type of review, I thought it'd be much better to just write a small entry in my neglected diary to say my sentiments of Hyorin's solo music video, One Way Love.

No offense diary, I was expecting something a little more... classy cause damn, this sure wasn't it. Don't get me wrong, she's a phenomenal singer and I'm not against her showing off her body. In fact, I thought SISTAR as a whole's most recent comeback video, Give It to Me, with Hyorin showing skin and doing her thing was great.
But this.
This dance was just... 

There was no need in hell to squat with her dried-up period blood colored hair which, I might say, didn't match her skin tone at all in hopes to get another view. Hyorin, you are much better than that and whoever thought of this (let me just blame it on Starship as a whole) obviously is as crazy as Ahreum and should seek help.
I'm going to say it straight out, I didn't like this concept. I liked the song--the song wasn't bad at all except the rap which could've been substituted with something less mainstream to fit Hyorin herself and not trying to fit into the other guys' standards--I just wish they did something a little bit more... 2NE1's Missing You or her first song that I'll talk about later, Lonely... sad, ballady and better for Hyorin's voice kind of thing than this shit.
Likewise, this video reminded me a lot of HyunA's debut solo, Change, the colors, the scene and everything being similar (don't get at me STAR1s, 4nias or Aunt Jemima. DejaVu is nothing to be condemned for).

I was overall disappointed with this music video because well, it wasn't that great. 
It wasn't Hyorin. It was like an actress I was watching the whole time and well, really doesn't do justice to the actually tasteful song.

Different from One Way Love, I actually somewhat liked this video. Somewhat, though.
One minute it was cute, fun, lovable Hyorin, next minute she's in a room looking like she hasn't shat for about 4 months. And it wasn't like the lyrics matched much with it... if at all. I'd rather have just one, set feeling of an either sad video cause she's lonely or a happy video cause she doesn't care she's lonely or she's trying to hide her sadness and not both, contrasting emotions.

This is freakin' cute, though

The song was great and was the ballad I was looking for which really made up for the train-wreck that One Way Love gave. 

Overall, I have to admit, her debut was disappointing at first since I watched One Way Love first, but then Lonely really raised the bar. Hyorin's an adorable person to me, not sexy and shouldn't have been given the choreography laid out in One Way Love and rather, a more natural side to her that was showcased in Lonely. Nevertheless, I'm actually pretty happy Hyorin is slaying the charts with her solo debut but just think One Way Love was... bad.


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  1. I feel like you didn't like one way love because it wasn't what you wanted to see. But the song and the video itself are awesome, to me at least.


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