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2013 was a great or changing year for almost every single group. Crayon Pop burst their way to fame, Girls' Generation won a bunch of awards, 2NE1 finally came back, there were Big Bang solo comebacks, Girls' Day rose to fame and well, Wonder Girls and KARA got fucked. Either way, we all have to admit, though the year is done, it was one of the most flamboyant years of K-Pop. But because it finished, I have to go into detail of my favorite songs of 2013 simply because, that's what I do. So without further ado, here's the top songs of 2013.

1. GLAM - In Front of The Mirror
Tiffany: I still can't get rid of how fucktasticly fucktastic this song is. Like, how is that even possible? It placed almost the top of the first 6 months of 2013 and now it's the top of this half. Not only does it have so much meaning but it's also a great listen. This also kind of makes me realize how smaller, less popular groups tend to have the better quality songs than larger groups who just release songs with hopes of raking up the dough. This also makes me realize how much I wish GLAM was more popular than all the other groups who simply act like they could give less fucks about whether or not we're happy and only care about our money (I mean, it's true for every group but don't make it so obvious with your shitty songs!)

2. Bangtan Boys - Born Singer
Tiffany: Did I mention I'm a huge fan of Bangtan Boys? I love about all of their tracks but the track that really got to me was Born Singer. Sure, all of their tracks tend to speak the truth but this one is a song that I could play in the car, look out the window and pretend I'm in a sad movie with... which are the kind of tracks that always gets my thumbs up. Although there is an original and they kind of just redid this song, I could care less. Still good.

3. Taeyang - Ringa Linga
Tiffany: I'm a fan of Taeyang. I'm a fan of Big Bang. I'm a fan of this song. I would have learned the dance if I wasn't so uncoordinated. I can't help but shit my pants when the 'Ringa Linga Ling Ringa Linga Ling' part comes and even though his hair was crazy, I could barely tell. Sorry guys, I just have to be biased on this one. This song was da shet. (what if he fell of that bridge?)

4. Girls' Day - Female President 
Tiffany: I'm not usually a fan of females sticking out their asses but when I am, it's Yura's ass. Regardless of the music video, Female President is definitely one of the best songs of the year. Fuck what everyone thinks. My mind is more superior than yours. #narcissismatitsfinest

5. Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill
Tiffany: Sure, the whistles was a rip off from the real movie and so was basically everything else. Get your panties out of a bunch. It's weird how people act like K-Pop is so damn original, anyway. Kill Bill was the shiet. 

6. f(x) - Rum Pum Pum Pum
7. f(x) - Airplane
8. EXO - Growl (fuck what everyone else says. I have bad taste in music)
9. Miss A - Hush
10. 2NE1 - Do You Love Me?/Hyori - Miss Korea/Everything IU Released

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