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1. Bangtan Boys - Born Singer

I'm going to be a hundred percent honest, I am a fan of this group. Got a problem? Deal with it. But besides their other promtional songs like No More Dream, We Are Bulletproof and O! R.U.L8.2, there are other songs by them that I'm addicted to that didn't come with a formal music video since well... it was a cover of J.Cole's Born Sinner (hint: name difference). It's phenomenal and really, I just can't stop listening to this utter piece of perfection so really, if you have like 2 seconds to spend, please check this out. You won't regret it.

2. Girls' Day - Female President
I remember reviewing this song and having a more harsh tone (I liked it at the time but not that much), however, after giving it the benefit of the doubt and listening to it five times, I was already allured by Minah and Sojin's strong vocals, Yura's weak as hell but appropriate rap and exposed bottom and Hyeri's... ever-changing wardrobe in the dance version. How can you not like the 'ddara, ddara, da, da, da, ddara~' part? It's catchy. It's fitting. It's what made me like Girls' Day a whole lot more.

3. 2NE1 - Do You Love Me?
I'm going to be honest here--this song was good. It's almost as if people are finding any little thing to get at 2NE1 at, their comeback song a part of it. There are constant complaints of the track's blandness or unoriginality in their songs however, I really can't stop replaying Do You Love Me? Park Bom's weakening vocals were not so emphasized in the track and was actually somewhat fitting in the song and Dara's whatever the fuck she tried--can't tell if singing, rapping or just blatantly speaking--was something I got used to after few listens. It's fun, it's catchy and the music video was amazing. Definitely recommend this if you party hardy.

4. Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill
The. Whistling. Was. Addiction. I can't right now. I just... I just can't. The song is pretty good--its simplicity working to its overall benefit. Not much else to say about it... just listen! Also, I recommend other  Brown Eyed Girl tracks from their Black Box album and simply just any album. 

5. EXO - Growl
With every mention of EXO, you don't have to scream "SASAENG!" like bloody murder and get into a war. We're just talking about the track--that is all. I like Growl and it has been on repeat ever since I could remember and I probably know all the lines to the Korean and Chinese version backwards and forwards. It's good chizz. Listen to it, for me? Thank you.

Lastly, there's a few honorable mentions that didn't make the cut so I'll list 'em out for your little ears to jam to.

1. SPICA - Tonight
They're too underrated. Listen to the song. I would've gave them a whole summary if I wasn't just... well, lazy.

2. 2PM - ADTOY

3. Girls' Generation - Galaxy Supernova
It's Japanese so I couldn't list it. And to me, I'm not like DYING or KILLING MY UTERUS to listen, ya know? It's good.

4. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop
"Wait, what is that doing her--" LISTEN TO IT. I AM ADDICTED. YOU KNOW IT.

5. Ladies' Code - Pretty Pretty
If you REALLY got nothin' to do, listen. It's okay.

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  1. I agree with everything, even Miley Cyrus xD (except Do You Love Me... I don't really like 2NE1)

  2. Not much of a SNSD fan, but "Galaxy Supernova" is a damn catchy little song, and probably one of my favorite SNSD songs (after "Run Devil Run" and "Gee"). .
    Also, "Growl" is the best, most groovy song (and best dancing in a box mv) SM has released in ages. It actually convinced me to check out the rest of Exo's oeuvre, and I am so glad I did (buried beneath all that sasaeng/crazy stalker crap there is actually a decently talented and likable group of idols with some pretty nice songs).


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