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We talk about a lot of things on this blog--whether it's Girls' Generation's Sunny's new hair, the update on Ahreum's mental state or how KARA screwed themselves over, we just talk talk talk about what's new in the news. But despite the numerous things we talk about during the year, we always skip over some subjects. Whether we're too busy to discuss them or just too lazy to write an article about it those things are still important. So, since I was in the mood to go back down memory lane, here's the Throwback Moments of 2013 that we haven't discussed.

Park Bom's Plastic Surgery

So... Park Bom got surgery... again. I used to shit myself trying to defend her but now, I'm just nonchalant about it. Does she have a problem? Probably not, in my honest opinion. Maybe the surgery is just catching up with her age so it's starting to look weird like T-ara's Boram. Either way, she's still my plastic Barbie doll.

Lee Soo Hyuk's Utter Existence

I've never been so sexually frustrated in my life

Girls' Generation winning the YTMA

My reaction while watching this:

I can't even start to explain the awkward. No, really. I can't. Especially when Tiffany was all like "YOUTUBE IS MAH BEST FRAN IS YOUTUBE YOU'RE BEST FRUN". I bet all the people in the audience were shitting themselves trying not to laugh. I just cannot.

Hyeri and Tony's Relationship & Break Up

From the start I didn't like the relationship. No offense guys, but I didn't believe in the "age is just a number" mumbo jumbo. Hyeri is undoubtedly really young and Tony is undoubtedly really damn old (for a girl like Hyeri at least). But I was actually surprised at how super smart Hyeri was. Whether the relationship was real or for popularity for Girls Day, I don't know, but it definitely rose their popularity regardless. And when Tony got in the whole scandal, she left his ass immediately and gave her the perfect excuse to just drop him, making him seem kind of like the bad guy. However, towards the whole 'break up' deal, I can really say I saw that coming. Fuck your optimism; nothing like that ever lasts.

Crayon Pop on the Rise
I'm really proud of Crayon Pop though I'm not a big fan of them. They're a true success story--a group from a company that was in shambles that rose to the top due to their own work, not the help of older, more popular groups from the company helping them. They really showed that company isn't everything and regardless of whether or not no one knows their names or can't recognize them without their helmets, perseverance is the key.

Ilbe Everywhere
What's weird is that ilbe this year either made or broke a person. I know that Crayon Pop rose to the top with Bar Bar Bar even with the ilbe scandal whereas Hyosung got kicked in the butt with it (speaking of Hyosung, the new SECRET song sucked. I hate their cute concept. They should keep doing their retro, Madonna/Love Is Move/Magic shit). Though I'm not a native Korean and can't fully understand the hold of Ilbe on the society, I really do find it somewhat important on the cyber-universe's mind.

Plagarism Everywhere, too

Jessica is Misseu Kolea & Other SNSD girls making a cover at their concert

 I don't know how to react to Miss Korea. Lots of people don't like it while lots do. I don't like vagina so I can't say I was ravished by Jessica taking of her dress. But it wasn't so bad. I mean, let's be honest--prior to the stripping, it was boring. Just another performance. Then she took off her dress and I guess the net went wild.
Likewise, other girls like Sooyoung and Sunny made covers of raunchy or mature songs like Sunmi's 24 Hours and Ga In's Bloom and it just goes to show that well, Girls' Generation can't be Girls' Generation that long now--they're passed that. They've passed that long ago. So SM, enough of the fucking Beep Beep shit and give us some more of this.

Hwayoung is Back in The Picture

She's gonna act now and apparently to K-Netizens, she has the face for it. I just hope she doesn't suck like a lot of the other idol actors who are put into roles just because they have popularity yet can't act to save their lives.

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