Posted by : Jasmine Cornejo June 20, 2013

Hey, everyone! Today, I will be talking about the worst concepts K-Pop groups go through and why I think they don't really fit with the group. 
To be honest, every K-Pop group goes through a change of concept either to promote fashion, to 'mature' or jump on the changing-concept bandwagon or to simply try something new and fresh. I will talk about five groups that have had the worst concepts this year. 

The first group on my list has got to be EXO. The bad boy look does not go with them and to me, it almost makes them a joke. Don't get me wrong I'm actually a huge fan of EXO, but they are too freaking cute to be so-called wolves. I blame SM for this. The concept helped out the video style so yeah, there was some good, but some bad was Kai's hair and the whole bandanna thing going on. I really think there was no need to dye Lay's hair and braid Kai's hair. Despite them being too cute for the bad boy concept, I really thought they should of tried something different rather then trying to Wolf them up.

Next on my list is CL from 2NE1. I really loved her in I Love You and I'm the Best, but in her new song The Baddest Female on the other hand? I really didn't like the concept. The whole gangster-style does not fit her fully. Like she could pull it off but this was like Nicki-Minaj-K-Pop style.Also, no CL you are a good unni, but the grill was the most disturbing part. I think it's better is she sticks to something like I'm the Best or Can't Nobody.

Third Is Girls' Generation. I hate the fact that they are so. freaking. cute. I dislike their cute concept and I really think they need a change. With their most recent Korean comeback song I Got a Boy which was supposed to be the girls doing a hip-hop style song however, still making it cute as well as their more recent Japanese comeback songs Love & Girls and Beep Beep, I gotta say, the pinks and purples have got to go. Yes, girly is good, but I find cute for them one of the worst concepts just because they will be ahjummas soon... with the cute now starting to become bleh. I want to see some sexy Girl's Generation. Like Run Devil Run, Bad Girl... maybe even The Boys. The cute concept is just not for girls who are about to hit thirty.

Next up is SHINee. They are such a good group with such good talent, but their recent concept for Why so Serious? definitely lacked. I still cannot even tell what SM was trying to promote, what was the song's subject about and what was going on. The nerdy colors didn't match well with the style of music and the jumping and "cool" affects did not really help, either. The concept was a big fail for SM and the group, sadly, once again gets a sucky song in which they are stuck with, making it difficult for them to reach top of the charts.
Lastly, I end with MBLAQ who recently came out with their song Smoky Girl. I kinda am on the limb with this one, but their concept was the worst they have had so far. I love my "Music Boys Living in Absolute Quality" but the concept does not go with them. It was good to try something new however, the cover for the album and the video sucked the feels out for me...

What do you think about these concepts? Do you agree or disagree? And who do you think had the worst concept of the year? Please comment below.

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  1. Taeyeon is the oldest member of SNSD, and she is 24. I wouldn't say that they're "about to hit thirty." Plus, I'd prefer their cute style to shit like The Boys.

  2. Hire Robbie PetrinoJune 20, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    Taeyeon is the oldest member of SNSD, and she is 24. I wouldn't say that they're "about to hit thirty." Plus, I'd prefer their cute style to shit like The Boys.

  3. True, but Korean age is still important and shouldn't be disregarded. IMHO, being AT LEAST 26 (I would honestly say 27 or 28ish) would be considered 'about to hit 30' for example Sandara Park who's 28 in International age yet 29 in Korean age would be considered a 'about to hit 30'.

    Additionally, I honestly do believe that they will move away from cute songs later, being that even though they still continue to release songs like Beep Beep, Love & Girls and even I Got a Boy, they still have other recent releases like Paparazzi, All My Love is For You, The Boys, Time Machine... even Flower Power and sub-unit's TTS's Twinkle that continue to inch the girls towards the less GIRLS' Generation and more mature feel.

  4. Hire Robbie PetrinoJune 24, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    She might be 25 in Korea, but in just about anywhere else (possibly any place outside of Korea, I'm not familiar with the birthday stuff of every country) she's 24. Even if she were 25, that still isn't about to hit 30.

    I really don't care what kind of songs that SM gives SNSD, as long as I enjoy them. I like some of their cute songs, and I dislike some of their cute songs. I like some of their more mature songs, I dislike some of their more mature songs.

    I doubt that they'll ever move away from cute songs completely as they're what has made SNSD arguably the most important and successful female k-pop group of all time. However, they've been putting out less cute songs and more mature songs lately.

  5. Although I didn't write the post, she celebrated her 25th Korean birthday this March.
    And to be honest, I prefer more mature songs, myself, like Jazmine. They usually look better in them save Seohyun (but Seohyun's stylist has been bad these days even with songs like Love & Girls which is cute) and to me, they fit the concept even more being that they're now aging and maturing into women. I think what sets them off with their more mature comeback songs are that the songs usually are meh (like with The Boys), but if you take for example Run Devil Run or Time Machine which were not only a pretty decent songs but also a mature concept you can definitely see the potential in heading towards maturity.


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